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読書記録 2002 洋書
Holidays on Ice/David Sedaris
Little Bear Series/Else Holmelund Minarik
The House on Hope Street/Danielle Steel
Tidings of Great Joy/Sandra Brown
Tell Me Lies/Claudia Dain

The Present/Johanna Lindsey
A Matter of Choice(From the Heart)/Nora Roberts

Dimanche Diller : A galloping story of escape and adventure/Henrietta Branford
To Kill A Mockingbird/Harper Lee

Summer Island/Kristin Hannah

Uncertain Summer/Betty Neels

Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas/James Patterson
Ruby Red : Tales from the Weedwater/Henrietta Branford
The Fourth Hand/John Irving

Charlotte's Web/E.B.White
Missing Pieces/Joy Fielding

Where Angels Fear to Tread/E.M.Forster
Creepy Susie And 13 Other Tragic Tales For Troubled Children/Angus Oblong
Beneath A Midnight Moon/Madeline Baker
The Half-A-Moon Inn/Paul Fleischman
King Max/Dick King-Smith
The Wanderer/Sharon Creech

Lilac Awakening (Rekindled)/Barbala Delinsky
Peter Rabbit and Eleven Other Favorite Tales/Beatrix Potter
The Wind Singer (Book One in the Wind of Fire Trilogy)/William Wilson

Little Christmas Elf/Eileen Curran
Tonight and Always [From the Heart]/Nora Roberts
Flip Side of Yesterday [Rekindled]/Barbara Delinsky

The Witch of Blackberry Bottom/Dick King-Smith
Moonlight Becomes You/Mary Higgins Clark
The Little Witch/Margaret Mahy
The Selfish Giant/Oscar Wilde retold by Lucy Coats
Olly's Flying Lesson/Georgie Adams
Stirway To The Stars/Mary Hoffman
Read me A Story, Please/chosen by Wendy Cooling

MOON HUNTER/Deanna Mascle
The Great Goose Hunt/Selina Young
Before Goldilocks/Vivian French
Little, Trirrill and the Birds/Lucy Coats
The Twins and the Wet, Wet, Wet/Alan Gibbons
The Topsy-Turvies/Francesca Simon
Wolfman/Michael Rosen
Quacky Duck/Paul and Emma Rogers

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読書記録 2001 洋書
A Country Christmas/Bonnie Lou Risby
FIREFLIES : A Winter's Tale/Alice Hoffman
The Bear that Wasn't/Frank Tashlin (Dover)
Through a Glass, Darkly/Jostein Gaarder
The Mitford Snowmen/Jan Karon
The Angel Doll/Jerry Blendsoe
Nettie's New House/Lynda Britnel
How the Wizard's Hat Became/Sue Inman
Huffing and Puffing/Vivian French
Piggo Has a Train Ride/Pam Ayres
Billy, the Unbelievably Greedy Baby/Paul and Emma Rogers
Flying Felix/Michael Lawrence
Goldilocks and the Three Bears/Vivian French
Morton at the Building Site/Willy Smax
Nettie's New Shoes/Lynda Britnell
The Little Girl and the Tiny Doll/Aingelda Andizzone

The Wedding/Danielle Steel
Where Were You, Robert?/Hans Magnus Enzensberger
Wait Till The Moon Is Full/Margaret Wise Brown
Raccoon on the Moon/Bruce Witty
Pop Goes the Weasel/James Patterson
The Littel Night Before Christmas/Nina Barbaresi
The Night Before Christmas/Clement C. Moore
The Tiny Christmas Elf/Sharon Peters

Martin's Mice/Dick King-Smith
Tales of the Catwings/Ursuka K. Le Guin
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire/J.K.Rowling
The Figure in the Shadows/John Bellairs

The Sky is Falling/Sidney Sheldon
The Doomspell/Cliff McNish
The Hostile Hospital(A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book8)/Lemony Snicket
The Coffin Dancer/Jeffery Deaver
A Little Bit of Winter/Paul Stewart
The Three Little Pigs And The Big Bad Wolf/Vivian French
The Rare Spotted Birthday Party/Margaret Mahy
Doctor Boox And The Sore Giraffe/Andrew Davies
Fussy/Anne Fine
Alfie Makes A Splash/Willy Smay

Morning, Noon & Night/Sidney Sheldon
How The Animals Got Tails/Anne English
A Name For Nettie/Lynda Britnell
The Three Billy Goats Graff/Vivian French
The Strange Egg/Margaret Mahy
Crocodile Tears/Sue Inman
Woof's Worst Day/Patricia Cleveland-Peck
The Tinderbox/Hans Christian Andersen retold by Lucy Coats
The Magic Scissors/Loes Spaander
One Night I'm Going To Catch You!/Joy Haney
How The Rabbit Got His Hop/Michael Lawrence
Miranda The Castaway/James Mayhew
Felix And The Dragon/Angela McAllister
The Two Giants/Michael Foreman

The House With a Clock in Its Walls/John Bellairs
The Vile Village(A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book7)/Lemony Snicket

The Austere Academy(A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book5)/Lemony Snicket
The Ersatz Elevator(A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book6)/Lemony Snicket
How to Read in the Dark/Anne Fine
Wonderful Woody/Patricia Cleveland-Peck
Playing Princesses/Adele Geras
The Troll's Story/Vivian French
The Cat and the Mermaid/Shirley Isherwood
Horrid Henry/Francesca Simon
FlowerPotamus/Michael Lawrence
Tool Trouble at Smallbill Garage/Willy Smax
Piggo and the Pony/Pam Ayres
Lottie's Letter/Gordon Snell
Rory, The Deplorably Noisy Baby/Paul and Emma Rogers

The Merman/Dick King-Smith
Harry Kitten and Tucker Mouse/George selden
The Miserable Mill(A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book4)/Lemony Snicket

Three Terrible Trins/Dick King-Smith

The Reptile Room(A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book2)/Lemony Snicket
The School Mouse/Dick King-Smith
The Stray/Dick King-Smith
Bad Dreams/Anne Fine
The Wide Window(A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book3)/Lemony Snicket
The Dragon in the Ghetto Caper/E.L.Konigsburg
Winter Wonderland/Dick Smith, Illustrated by Jacqueline Rogers
Joey Pigza Loses Control/Jack Gantos

The Face on the Milk Carton/Caroline B. Cooney
The Bad Beginning(A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book1)/Lemony Snicket
Harriet's Hare/Dick King-Smith
A Mouse Called Wolf/Dick King-Smith

The Best Christmas Hunt Ever/John Speirs
Dinosaurs' Christmas/Liza Donnelly
Witches' Holiday/Alice Low
Mr. Potter's Pet/Dick King-Smith
Charlie Muffin's Miracle Mouse/Dick King-Smith
The Invisible Dog/Dick King-Smith
Mixed-Up MAX/Dick King-Smith

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